Top 10 Television (TV) Brands in World 2017

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5. Sony Corporation

Founded in 1946, it is a Japanese multinational conglomerate, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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Sony has its foot in a diversified business portfolio like consumer and professional electronics, entertainment, medical, audio-visual, gaming consoles and financial services. It has constantly featured in Fortune Global list of 500 companies and is traded on the Tokyo stock exchange and New York stock exchange.

They have a slogan which says “BE MOVED” that aptly describes how their specially crafted products that are a mark on today’s advanced technologies and engineering have been able to create such a big impact in the lives of its customers worldwide.  In the wake of Japan’s destruction in World War 2, Sony rose to contribute immensely to its GDP. The name Sony has its history in two words – ‘Sonic’ which means sound and ‘Sonny’ which was slang used in America to refer to young boys thus referring to Youth and because discotheque was at its peak in USA at that time. It is the only Asian country which has such a huge presence in the North American market with a brand presence equivalent to any American company. It markets its products in all six continents of the world. In mid 1980s, it faced huge competition and thus losses from its television division but gaming and audio-visual divisions earmarked its strong foothold in that era. Sony is a company which focuses on innovation and advancement in technology aimed to make the overall experience of its customers more and more promising and futuristic. It has developed several robots to play music based on the mood, humanoid robots called QRIO and several other advancements. Financial arms support various financial services like mobile banking, payment interfaces, etc. It compels its customers to visualize nothing short of best and fulfills them with their best quality products. It is not only committed to providing technology, entertainment and convenience to its customers, but also it cares for the planet as its R&D department always works towards making greener and more energy efficient products but not compromising with the quality. It has stepped into some very innovative arenas like Life Space UX (facilitating new ways to redefine your living space), Sports Entertainment (new discoveries and experiences in the field of Sports), Future Lab Programmes (which takes direct feedback from customers to evolve and transform their projects so as to get closer to the customer needs) and the like.

Market Share (worldwide%): 5.6

LCD TV Shipments (%): 5.3

In Units (Millions of LCD sets): 11.7

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