Top 10 Television (TV) Brands in World 2017

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2. LG Electronics

Established in 1958, it is a South Korean multinational company, headquartered at Seoul, is the world’s second largest maker and seller of Televisions.

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It owns more than 119 subsidiaries worldwide, with its presence in all 6 continents of the world. It along with Samsung, pulled South Korea after the fallouts of the Korean War, and contributes majorly towards the GDP of the small Asian country.


Founded as GoldStar, it merged with Lucky Chemical and LG Cable in 1995, to form Lucky-GoldStar, which is the full form of LG. With its tagline “Life’s Good” from 2004 till today, it markets all ranges of Home Appliances from TVs to ACs and refrigerators. Innovation lies at the core of its operations. It soon followed Samsung to make Internet TV and market it worldwide under the name of “LG Smart TV”. Its televisions allow users to change channels using hand gestures and voice recognition technologies. A unique range of its televisions uses Ultrasonic waves to reject mosquitoes, an innovation in itself. It not only focuses on the features of its products but also their designs. It also manufactures and markets electronic devices like handsets but are not that successful on that front. They believe in making the lives of their customers happier and better. All its products have unique features and boast of world class quality. It practices ethical business philosophy and has a vision to become the leading company in its domain.  It has a clearly defined Code of Ethics that regulates all its business activities, whereby it believes in ‘Winning by Rule’. It has constantly been giving a tough competition in the global market to its home rival, Samsung, with a very strong brand presence in the global market. Its logo is futuristic which depicts ‘a Better Life for all Human Beings Tomorrow’, symbolizing the world, future, youth, humanity and technology, all in a harmonious presence with each other. It has strong corporate governance and has always been working in the interests of its investors. With four business units – Home Appliances and Air Solutions, Mobile and Communications, Home Entertainment and Vehicle Components, it strongly adheres to the policies of the UN Sustainable Development arm. It bagged the Energy Star Partner of the year in 2016 thereby signifying that all its products consume less energy thereby making the planet greener. They believe in making strong value proposition for all its customers that they can’t refuse by technological innovations. Summing up, they create Technology that Cares.

Market Share (worldwide%): 11.9

LCD TV Shipments (%): 12.9

In Units (Millions of LCD sets): 28.2

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