Top 10 Bike Companies in World 2017

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6. Kawasaki

The company started in the year 1986 by shozo Kawasaki and headquartered in Chicago, under the name Meguro eventually they started selling in the name of Kawasaki.

Image: company website

They also manufactured locomotives, engines and passenger carriages, and eventually in 1949 they started production of engines for motorcycles. In 1969 they were noticed by the international market with the release of 500cc H1, 250cc S1 and 350cc S2.


Kawasaki’s Z1 was the first superbike of Kawasaki. It became very famous superbike due to high performance and price. Kawasaki also participates extensively in the motorsports.

Kawasaki is pioneered the personal watercraft business in 1973. Today JET SKI watercraft brand is a leader in an exploring market.  Kawasaki is also doing very well in sports section nowadays in racings. The company has sold as many as 23,000 bikes in the year 2016 with revenue of $3.2B.

Revenue: $3.2B

Bikes sold in a year (in thousands): 23

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