Top 10 Media & Broadcasting Companies in the World 2017

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7. Dish Network

Established in the year 1980 by Charles W. Ergen, Cantey W. Ergen and James DeFranco, Dish Network Corp in headquartered in Englewood, Colorado.

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It operates trough broadband services, Pay TV and wireless segments, and it provides satellite television, interactive television services and audio programming to its customers in United States. As of today it has reached approximately reached 13.7 million televisions to 600000 broadband subscribers and has employed close to 16000 people.


Dish’s main business is satellite television and viewers choose from series of services paying more money for more channels. With acquiring of Blockbuster LLC it is diversifying its offering and is using IP rights to offer streaming and mail-order video services. Further to it Dish also started digital video recorder Dish Hopper (DVR) in 2012 which allowed customers to watch programs without commercials. There after it has rapidly grown with Dish Net, Sling TV and acquisitions and expansion of its business.

The culture of Dish Network is focussed around C P A W curiosity. Pride. Adventure. Winning which drives to do personal best and the courage to face the challenge with determination and success. If you are ready for your chance to shine and work for  fortune 200 company Dish provides huge variety of career paths across united states. It also provides other career opportunities in customer service in-home services, corporate careers, sales etc to have diverse and driven workforce who take the initiative to create great professional organisation.

Revenue: $ 15.1 billion

Profit: $ 1.45 billion

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