Top 10 Companies in France 2017

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French companies have a strong presence not only in Europe but across the world. The largest companies in France are spread across sectors like banking, automobile, pharmaceutical, energy etc. The top companies in France include names like Sanofi, AXA, Total, BNP, EDF, Renault along with Saint-Gobain, VINCI, Renault etc. Here is the list of the top 10 companies in France 2017.

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1st place: AXA Group

2nd place: Total

3rd place: BNP Paribas

4th place: EDF

5th place: Peugeot

6th place: Renault

7th place: Christian Dior

8th place: VINCI

9th place: Saint-Gobain

10th place: Sanofi

For more details about rankings and parameters, read on.

10. Sanofi

Sanofi is a world leader life sciences company with a strong workforce of 100,000 employees in approximately 100 countries.

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The company has also 87 manufacturing facilities in some 38 countries and provide services in over 170 countries. The company has five major business verticals namely diabetes & cardiovascular, vaccines, general medicines & emerging markets, consumer healthcare and specialty care.


Sanofi has always been an innovation driven firm with the company spending €5.2 billion in research and development in 2016. The group has close to four R&D hubs spread across Europe, Asia and North America. The company reaps 36.6% of its revenue from USA followed by 28.4%(emerging markets), 25.7%(Europe) and 9.3%(rest). In 2016, General medicines contributes 42.8% of revenue to the firm followed by cardiovascular & diabetes (18.9%)

Being a responsible pharmaceutical company, Sanofi has stringent internal quality processes and structures with compliance systems in place to align themselves with the regulatory framework. The company has partnerships with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO amongst others thus strengthening the commitment of the organisation to tackle the menace of health inequality by providing affordable healthcare to a third of world’s population. The company has committed to address the climate change by reducing their energy and carbon footprint and optimization the production, wastage & disposal, filling and packaging of their products.

As of FY 2016-’17, Sanofi has total sales of $37.4 billion and net profit of $5.2 billion and they are ranked as tenth best company in France.

Sales ($Bn): 37.4

Profits ($Bn): 5.2

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