Top 10 Companies in France 2017

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6. Renault

Renault was established in 1898. The company has a long and illustrious history with company designing the first two cylinder engine in 1902 which eventually led to the development of modern engines.

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In 1945, the company was taken over by the French government and was privatized again in 1998. The company has sold approx 2 million cars in Europe with 6 lakh cars in France alone with the market share of 26.4%.


They operate in 36 countries with a strong workforce of 120,136 employees. Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung motors are the three brands of Renault and each have their own set of loyal customers. RSM is local brand and Dacia is one of the successful regional brands of the group and they have positioned themselves as reliable and sturdy player. The company thrives on innovation of its products and services and constantly revamping their design strategy which focuses on simplicity, warmth and sensuality. The overall emphasis is in improving the driving experience and comfort of the passengers which takes the centre stage when it comes to defining the brand identity of Renault.

Renault is also known for its engines, the company is major supplier for many top brands and has performed consistently well in terms of power, reliability and handling. Since, electric vehicles are forecasted to significantly drive revenues in automobile industry, the company has completely digitalized its production system and has adopted a more customer centric approach.

As of FY 2016-’17, Renault has total sales of $56.7  billion and net profit of $3.8 billion and they are ranked as sixth best company in France.

Sales ($Bn): 56.7

Profits ($Bn): 3.8

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