Top 10 Companies in France 2017

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4. EDF

EDF was first established in 1946 by the French government is the one of the most responsible and efficient producer of electricity.

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EDF generate about 584 TWh of electricity out of which 78% is nuclear energy, 8% hydropower, 8% gas powered and just 3% of coal based power generation. The company is world leader in generating low carbon energy with 88% of electricity they generate declared free of CO2.


They have close to 37 million clients worldwide and a strong workforce of 154,845 employees worldwide. They have expertise from electricity generation to marketing and transmission to consumers with high efficiency and low leakages. Sustainability and environmental consciousness lie at the heart of this firm with the company developing a framework for energy conservation and environmental preservation centred around three main issues. First: Providing customized energy solutions to their growing base of clients, second: Developing renewable energy capacity to 50GW by 2030, third: to expand their footprint to other developing countries to provide high quality energy solutions and also to cut down on emissions by leveraging their expertise.

The strategic vision 2030 of the company aims to provide better lives, better experiences and better energy for the world. In India, the company has solar energy facility which generates 47MWe and capacity addition project to generate 132MWe is under progress. Being an energy major, the company has adopted six major corporate social responsibility goals namely to cut down emissions and thereby to check climate change, professional and personal development of employees, affordable energy solution, innovation to boost efficiency in both production and transmission, consultation on projects and preserving biodiversity.

As of FY 2016-’17, Total SA has total sales of $78.8  billion and net profit of $2.5 billion and they are ranked as fourth best company in France.

Sales ($Bn): 78.8

Profits ($Bn): 2.5

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