Top 10 Companies in France 2017

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2. Total S.A

Total S.A first came into existence in the year 1924 and has become a leading company in Europe.

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The company is focused on fulfilling the energy needs of the customers and they have a long history of not only discovering the untapped energy and taking it to customers in different forms. They also have developed a very strong technical expertise in oil discovery, exploration, transformation and finally distributing to customers with high efficiency and reduced losses.


Being an energy major, the company has the responsibility of delivering clean and safer energy options to contribute positively to the threat of climate change and global warming. At present, they operate in over 130 countries and have close to 98,000 employees working on the entire supply chain of energy business. Going forward the major challenges for the company would be to address the threat of climate change and sustaining good relationship with their customers. It is also worth noting that they are the fourth largest oil and gas major in the world. They have made rapid progress in green energy solutions especially the LNG and tapping the solar energy.

At every facet of their operations, the company adds value by developing an innovative solution to their customers’ needs. The business model of Total is an integrated one starting with exploration and production energy from sources namely the oil & gas, solar and the biomass. Then, they process them to develop required products like petrochemicals, polymers, etc. Finally, they market their products and customers by delivering to the end users which includes shipping.

As of FY 2016-’17, Total SA has total sales of $128.1 billion and net profit of $6.2 billion and they are ranked as second best company in France.

Sales ($Bn): 128.1

Profits ($Bn): 6.2

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