Top 10 Companies in the World 2017

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7. Apple

Apple is synonymous with design and simplicity and is a global electronics brand.

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Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniack and Ronald Wayne founded the giant we know today in their garage on April 1st, 1976. Wozniack and Jobs were directly involved in the day to day affairs, while Ronald Wayne was more of an investor who eventually sold his shares of the company for just $500, 12 days after the company was founded.

Apple was started to bring computers that were generally available only for professional use into the homes of people. They were, in a way the pioneers of Personal Computing. The Apple 1, The first product developed by Apple, was introduced in the market in 1976. Priced at $666, only 200 of these were produced over 1.5 years. Today, they have become highly collectible items. The Apple II was also released soon. This product was not a success, as customers thought that the pricing of the product, at $1300 per PC was too high for them to see any utility in the product.

Subsequent products tasted success again, for example such as the Mouse, the Macintosh etc. More recent products introduced into the market by Apple include the iPod, iPad, iOS, Apple TV etc. The iPhone was the most revolutionary product introduced by Apple in recent times. After the first version was released in 2007, total sales of iPhones hit 1 billion In July 2016. In 2013, Apple earned upto 70% of its total profits from the iPhone alone. Apple also enjoys a continuous source of revenue from its advent into digital content, with services such as iTunes and AppStore etc.

The major markets captured by Apple include North and South America, Europe, Australia and most of Asia. The current CEO is Timothy Cook, and Apple is the world’s most valuable brand according to Forbes list.

Sales ($Bn): 217.5

Profits ($Bn): 45.2

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