Top 10 Water Brands in the World 2018

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6. Pepsi co Inc (Aquafina)

This New York based company is a global food and beverage company.

The most popular products of this company are Pepsi, Mountain dew, Gatorade and Tropicana, lays, Quaker. It exceeded more than 50 billion US dollars in one particular year.

Initially this company was called Pepsi-Cola and then later it merged with a snack company called Frito Lay back in 1965. It is also headed by an Indian woman who goes by the name Indra Nooyi- the first female CEO for the company. She took charge in 2006. It is involved in bottled water, carbonates, concentrates, juice, tea, coffee, sports drinks etc.  It got a revenue of about 63 billion US dollars in a year and out of this a major chunk of close to 50% came from beverages. The thing that it is worried about is that lately the revenue from packaged food business is outgrowing the revenue from its beverages business. The issue is now it has to do a rebranding exercise and this is going to involve huge costs. Another way to deal with this is a thought to split the operations as two companies. The majority of its revenue comes from the United States although it has operations across the world. The other major contributors are Canada, UK, Mexico and Russia. The main threat that this company is facing is that since it is betting its growth to happen because of entering developing countries it faces the political and unstable governments and therefore unstable business scenario.

Revenue from water business (in USD Mn)~4500

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