Top 10 Water Brands in the World 2018

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3. Danone Groupe (Evian)

This multi-national company is headquartered in Paris, France.

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It is the world’s largest packaged food and beverages company. It is also a leader in the diary market apart from being the leader in the bottled water sales as of 2017 December.

It has a 3% market share in the world bottled water sales and in absolute terms it means a sale volume of around 9000 million liters. The main divisions of this company are dairy products, medical nutrition, waters and early life nutrition. The water division of this company is the fastest growing segment and the sales from this division makes up more than 20% of the total revenue of the company. Although the company has made many acquisitions in the dairy division, the main strategy for growth is organic in nature.

The company is continuously looking for growth opportunities in markets like Europe, Africa and also Asia. It is relying on growth from the bottled water division because the competition in the dairy products division is very intense and there are many international companies that are fighting for their piece of the pie. The main innovation that the company is targeting is on the packaging and providing flavored water which it has named as Aquadrinks. The main threat it is facing is in the form of increased awareness among the consumers regarding the harmful impacts of PET bottles on the environment and therefore they are shifting to tap water. Having said this the company has huge potential if it focuses on developing countries where the tap water is not safe to drink. Therefore, a channeling of energy into the right markets is the need of the hour.

Revenue from water business (in USD Mn)~5000

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