Top 10 Water Brands in the World 2018

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1. Nestle SA (Poland Spring, Purelife)

This company is based in Vevey, Switzerland. It is the largest consumer goods company in the world with revenues that run into 90 billion CHF.

The operations of this company are spread across more than 190 countries. The company has an employment base of around 3,30,000 employees.

It is among the global leader in the bottled water industry and also the coffee industry. The soft drinks division of nestle is the fastest growing division. The company has many divisions like powdered and liquid beverages, nutrition and health science, milk products and ice cream, pet care, confectionary and water. Packaged water revenue accounts for three quarters of the total revenue in the soft drinks division. Pure life is the leading brand for this company in this particular division. The other water brands in this division are ice mountain and Poland springs. The company is also into the flavored water which is a very small segment but has good growth average over the years.

The main geographical area for nestle is the north American region. This market is strategic to its growth as it accounted for about 40% of the total revenue of nestle in 2016. Similar to its competitors this company also has its focus on developing countries for future growth. China is a special mention here given the rising incomes and more spending in this country.

Revenue from water business (in USD Mn)~7745

Ranking Methodology:

1. List of major packaged water brands was made

2. Annual reports of these companies were analysed for revenue

3. Segmented records of Bottled Water was only considered

4. Companies were ranked based on the Revenue from water business


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