Top 10 Oil and Gas Companies of the World 2013

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With various challenges like political constraints to access the reserves, price volatility, climate change concerns, health, safety and environmental risks, worsening fiscal terms and cost containment, Oil and Gas operations industry has always played a crucial role on a global perspective.

Here are the top 10 global Oil and Gas Operations companies.

10. Sinopec-China Petroleum

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Market Value: $106.9 Bn

Sales: $ 411.7 Bn

Profits: $ 10.1 Bn

Sinopec is China's second largest oil and gas producer. Sinopec has had around 300 exploration licenses, 192 producing licenses and 12 oil and gas subsidiaries. Its core business includes exploration and oil production, refining and sales, chemicals, etc. Its business partners are Shell (China), BP, Exxon- Mobil, McDonald’s, etc.

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