Top 10 Apparel Brands in the World 2013

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Right from times immemorial, apparels have been an integral part of human lives. Same is evident from Egyptian, Roman, Greek, etc history. Apparels can be seasonal or gender specific. Apparels also serve the purpose of protecting one’s body from harsh weather, insects, UV radiation, etc. One can have different apparels for different occasions.The biggest apparel brands in the world in 2013 are as follows. Ranked based on brand value i.e. the difference between the net present values of future cash flows from a branded and a similar unbranded product. Brand value is also the value the brand holds to the management and shareholders.

10. Calvin Klein

Brand value – $1.8 billion

It is a fashion house based in America. It was acquired by PVH Corp in 2003. It’ll undergo rebranding of its bridge apparel brand ck Calvin Klein to Calvin Klein which is its Platinum label.

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