Top 10 Companies in Asia 2014

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Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent. China, Japan, India, South Korea and Indonesia are some of the largest economies of Asia. China rules the charts of top companies in Asia 2014. Here is a list of top 10 companies based on their Market value.

10. Taiwan Semiconductor

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Limited is among the world’s largest semiconductor company. It is also called Taiwan Semiconductor and was founded in 1987 with headquarters at Hsinchu, Taiwan. It is into selling, manufacturing, designing, computer-aided designing ICs and other semiconductor devices. The company undertakes work like research, development, sell, design and manufacture of masks, solid state lighting devices, technologies related to renewable energy. It also provides customer and technical support services as well as markets and sells solar products. The companies also operate in other regions like Europe, Asia and United States. The company is listed in Taiwan stock Exchange and its shares are also traded in New York Stock Exchange under the name TSM. It has built its reputation by providing advanced wafer production processes, high manufacturing efficiency and latest cutting edge technologies. The company has 40,483 employees across all its offices and has $42.38 B worth of assets.

Market Value: $102.00 B

Sales: $20.11 B

Profits: $6.34 B

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