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Durga: Good evening friends. Today we are gathered here to discuss on the issue of whether the glaring instances of corruption that have been discovered within FIFA will spoil the brand image of football as the most followed sport.

Anirudh: Nike once came with a tagline, "No games, just sports". It is indeed a shame that football, the most beautiful came on the planet should be tainted and reduced to a game, reduced to a game of embezzlement and corruption.

Ajit: I second the point put forward by Anirudh. 2015 has been a dark year for football. It has left many a fans questioning the credibility of their much beloved stars. We have seen scam after scam after scam involving issues like money laundering, racketing etc, which is indeed very, very shameful.

Bhanu: FBI has arrested 7 high-ranking FIFA officials - powerful people ruining the sport that is now known also for its corruption as well as for its players. It indeed raised the question whether anything, anything at all is safe from the wretched clutched of this social vice of corruption.

Anurag: I would like to add to the point made by Ajit. The scams have actually been in vogue since 2001. It is only recently that the cat is out of the bag. If the governing body engages in corruption, then how can we believe that football is free from it?

Gyanesh: However, there is one thing that needs to be pointed out. Corruption has been prevalent in all corners of the society and in most sports. In football though, we can all be very sure that the amount of corruption is limited given the fact that players have not yet been reported.

Durga: If the governing body engages in corruption, then how can we believe that football is free from it? Also, with the body having control over the world cup, the event which grabs eyeballs of millions, if allegations are proved true, and the world cup would be in jeopardy.

Anirudh: Decisions regarding world cup in Qatar have been questioned. Sepp Blatter has undertaken a despotic regime. Scandal after scandal and even refusing to adhere to the customary 1-minute silence to pay solace to Nelson Mandela tells volumes about the man that he is.

Gyanesh: But, sport is always bigger than some people and football is not just played with stamina, it is played with heart, and hence will always be above such incidents and will always be played with same honesty.


Ajit: Is corruption in football responsible for keeping football away from developing nations? If powerful people allow only powerful countries to gain from the sport, what about countries like India which are in dire need of proper football infrastructure?

Bhanu: Football is one of few sports that still try to have the human touch. But the instances of rigging and fixing raise several questions. Shouldn’t technology be used to reduce the possibility of rigging in high stake games?

Anurag: The recent sting operations and the arrests of high-profile officials ring a bell regarding the condition. In all probability, we have merely scratched the surface and much need to be unearthed.

Gyanesh: I believe these arrests have been good in many ways. They will now cause the government to intervene and put in place more stringent measures to curb this evil which could taint the beautiful sport.

Ajit: Hundreds of workers have lost their lives in Qatar - due to lack of safety and the urgency at which the work is being completed - who is to be blamed? Does it not raise a question regarding the moral and ethical responsibilities of the people in power?

Durga: Football is no longer played with a view to excel and commit to one’s passion. Everybody is in it because of the money. Football nowadays, is merely an entertainment to rope in more money. It is a gambling extravaganza.

Anurag: If a fan loses his trust and passion, will he/she ever adore it again? Fans worship their favourite players and teams. Corruption at any level regarding sports, is a break of trust and heart for them.

Bhanu: One reason could be unrealistic demands made by the players and the kind of fanatic fan following that they command. More often than not, few players have turned out to be bigger than the game itself which further propagates ever practices.

Anirudh: Football is a beautiful game and commands a wonderful history but with the kind of events that are in the news, as fans, fear that the worst is yet to follow. It is time that immediate actions are taken.

Ajit: Many a powerful men have tried to influence the media in an attempt to hide the truth. They say “It is in the interest of the game”. But we must all remember, “Nothing that erodes the rule of law can be moral, no matter what name we give it”.


One of the most followed and trusted game of our generation is in jeopardy because the people who had been selected to run this game and take it greater heights have themselves stooped lower than their demeanour would otherwise reveal. The football has been hit by a series of corruption incidents and has brought the game to disrepute to the players and to the followers alike. It is time that several stringent measures are taken so that such horrific acts be curbed and the game be played in its right spirit propagating a spirit of oneness and unity


• Michael Garcia was invited to independently audit and investigate the alleged the growing instances of scams and the instance of bribery in the world cup bidding process

• 6 officials have been arrested in Zurich under corruption charges

• The arrests come after allegations that they were involved in receiving bribery worth $100m

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