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Surendra: Good morning friends. World War III has been a topic of discussion since a long time. People postulated that it would start in a particular year. Many speculations have been turned down by time. However, the question still remains in front of us, are we progressing towards a bigger, more dangerous World War III?

Swaroop: Yes Surendra, with more number of countries gaining access to nuclear power and many countries still under dictators can move us towards world war 3. Needless to remind the aggression shown by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un towards the world.

Varun: Adding to it let’s not forget the perpetual source of conflict between countries like India-Pakistan, Israel-Palestine, North-South Korea, China –Japan, China – Tibet, etc. which might someday stir out of proportion and move the world towards war.

Vinith: Yes there are many sources for a potential war but aren’t we forgetting the biggest body of nations, United Nations, designed to diffuse such situations. Compared to League of Nations, United Nations has more member states and has been far more successful in maintaining peace.

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Vivek: Yes I agree with you, Vinith. When the world was ganging upon on Iran’s nuclear program, United Nations was the key player which provided a platform for peaceful resolution of conflict.

Subramanya: It’s true, Vivek. But United Nations is still considered to be the puppet organisation in hands of few powerful nations. The victorious 5 nations of WWII, China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States still hold the power to veto any substantial resolution in security council where other nations hold only representative power.

Vinith: Yes, but more countries are being considered for permanent positions in Security Council including India and may be this will help in better decision making in United Nations.

Surendra: Yes, Vinith. I think if we move towards world war it will not be because of nations’ greed to expand but it will be for other causes like religion, resources, economic crisis, terrorism etc. which is prevalent in all nations and has often been the source of civil war.

Swaroop: Yes Surendra. World War II was said to be due to an economic depression in European economy after WWI. The Germans were aggravated with the situation which was cashed in by Hitler leading to World War II. Another worldwide economic depression might be source of world war III.

Subramanya: Yes Swaroop, adding to it ideological disparities are also seen as a source of conflict.  Violence still persists from Pakistan to Yemen and is a major reason of friction throughout the Middle East. 

Varun: Yes Subramanya, now allied powers including US, UK, France and other nations, are trying to handle terrorism but it has already gained lot of ground causing crisis in Middle East and African nations.

Vivek: Yes Varun, though I would not strike down greed of nations to expand its territories. Chinese aggression towards the world is not new and is unsettling. China actively provoked US over air space recently. China claimed an island in conflict with Japan which created tense situation. Chinese aggression towards Tibet and intrusions in border along India also did not go well in history.

Surendra: But China has learnt the importance of being the world power in terms of economy. It will not risk a war just to show power at this moment but as you said it will surely try to prove its dominance in the world.

Swaroop: Let’s not forget the long-time enemies US and Russia and their role in Ukraine crisis. Lot of experts believed that this might lead to another cold war. Russia has been supporting whistle blowers like Edward Snowden just to agitate US.

Vinith: Also terrorism might also be cause of WWIII as we saw in case of Afghanistan where US tried to avenge attack on world trade centre by attacking on Afghanistan leading to long term issues in the region and the impact of attack on terrorism is still debatable. Countries might unite and wage a war against terrorism as they have been putting world at unrest.

Vivek: Yes the reasons can be any or many but world war III, if it ever broke will be much more devastating and can potentially wipe out humans from the face of earth. Nuclear weapons, space weapons, wars in digital space, drones, biological weapons, robots and other advanced weapons might be far more devastating than WWI and WWII.

Surendra: Yes Vivek and lets all hope that countries understand that such wars can only lead to devastation and not resolution of conflict. Let’s hope that countries increasingly understand the importance of peace and peaceful resolution of conflicts.


World War III can arise due to many issues like economic crisis, power struggle, religious conflicts, civil wars, sources of perpetual conflict like India – Pakistan, etc. But if it ever broke out it will be very devastating to everybody and can potentially wipe out humans from the face of the earth. Let’s hope that all countries and its leaders understand the importance of peace and peaceful ways of resolution of conflict.

Facts related to the topic

• Support for Edward Snowden, Ukraine crisis are recent examples of standoff between US and Russia

• Religious conflicts played a significant role in civil movement during Arab springs and in uprising of ISIS organisation.

• China has been actively provoking neighbour states with String of pearls policy towards India, annexation of Tibet, Claiming of island in conflict with Japan, warnings of air space violations towards US.

• Presence of dictators like Kim Jong-Un in North Korea can unsettling because of constant provocations and development of weapons of mass destruction.

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