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Danielle: Good evening friends. Today, we have gathered here to discuss the topic, “Is India really One Nation?” India is one greatest and most influential country in the world, being the second largest country in the world with over citizens and 7th largest in terms of area.

Kevin: India has always stood united in its cause, be it during the revolutionary freedom struggle or facing off against the forces of nature. India has always been the epitome of the ideology of “Unity in Diversity”.

Anwar:  I agree to your point. With 29 states, 7 union territories, 22 official and over 1800 unofficial languages and yet we pride ourselves as a democracy, isn’t this reason enough to believe that we are indeed one as a nation?

Steven: I believe otherwise. What about the scores of disturbing events that have plagued the nation? What of the communal clashes that have become an everyday affair, students rising in rebellion in the north-eastern states, the dismal state of events in Jammu & Kashmir? These instances of hatred and inter-communal clashes are precursor to the feeling of mistrust and division among the people

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Sam: I do understand that there will always be differences given that there is so much variety in terms of the people and their life-styles and cultures, but differences can be seen everywhere, in a family, in a society, a community, you name it. But, this does not mean that people are not united in their cause.

Rimson: The best of India can be seen when one turns to natural calamities, be it the earthquake that devastated Gujarat to the violent Tsunami that killed thousands in Tamil Nadu. It is during these times that India has come together for the upliftment of the needy.

Steven: Yes, people do come together when a natural calamity hits, but that would happen even if American and Japanese soldiers from the Pearl Harbour war were amidst a hurricane. Talking of Gujarat, we cannot overlook the communal clashes and the innocents killed. Can we indeed say, keeping all these matters in hand that we are united?

Danielle: Steven. I disagree. Just because two siblings are quarrelling does not mean that they do not love each other and would not stand in unison when the situation demands for it. We are the nation who sing the same National Anthem, heads held high, sing the National song with much joy and celebrate in joy when Virat Kohli scores a century.

Rimson: We should not forget the Kargil war where the entire nation stood in unison and prayed for the soldiers who laid down their lives to protect their homeland. All citizens stood in unison when there was the attack on the Parliament and the terrible incident that rocked Mumbai. We have always stood together, hand in hand, when the people, the country required the citizens.

Steven: I do not deny these points. But, what of the dismal situation for the North-Eastern people. They are treated as outcasts, as foreigners when they travel to different parts of the country. What of the dismal situation in Kashmir where people are oppressed and treated differently and kept aloof and the different laws like AFSPA which are applicable within its territories?

Kevin: Our country is a sovereign, secular, democratic republic and the laws and regulations are formulated by the representatives of the people. They have always tried to make it holistic in terms of the representation and the well-being of the people and there are numerous laws to cater to distributive and procedural justice.

Steven: One thing that we should not forget is that various factions of the society are still fighting to become sovereign because they have lost their faith and trust in the republic of India and the government.

Anwar: You are referring to miscreants and insurgents such as the extremists and various terrorist groups across the country, I have friends who are from Kashmir, from the north-eastern states and various communities.

Sam: Yes, we still need to improve as a nation and move towards becoming more united. One point that we much all remember is that we have always walked the path to greatness as one nation and will continue to do so. We can scale greater heights, as a nation once we rise above our states, our communities our cultures and leverage the rich human capital that is at our disposal. We must all remember the fact, “United we shall always stand, but divided we shall fall”.


India is a great nation and has grown to be a super-power in every sense of the word. Despite, the diversity that India houses throughout its length and breadth, it enjoys and sense of oneness which is seldom seen anywhere else in the world. There have been issues regarding the political and sovereignty of the state in many states and among various communities, but the people have not failed their motherland when needed and have always stood as one nation in the face of adversity. Given the rapid growth in its economy, India can leverage its human capital and look to increase its dominance in the world and further its status as a symbol of peace, oneness and humanity.

Facts related to the topic

· India is the largest democracy in the world, with a population of over 1.2bn and the 7th largest country in terms of area

· India comprises 30 states and 7 union territories. It has 22 official languages and 1800 unofficial languages

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