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Paras: Good morning everyone. As our topic of discussion is India needs more job creators than job seekers, it’s all about the way India is growing economically but also about the way it has maintained a pace with the work force. On one side we can argue that India needs more of the job creators as it has started experiencing the necessity for more jobs, but on the other side we can say that this rising demand is due to unawareness of jobs which are available in the market. So the house is open for all.

Ankit: As we may see that India is one of the growing economies in the world so there may be mismatch between the number of jobs available and the persons available for such a job. According to me, the country just needs the better coordination among the recruiters and job seekers. Mostly the right candidates are not aware of the posts available to them and they end up doing some other job which they don’t like.

Rohit: Exactly as my friend said, I think jobs are many but placement of people at right place is difficult due to lack of proper resources and conveyance of information. Moreover, job creation is not as easy as it looks like.

Deepak: I am not fully agreed with you, as job creation is the need of the hour. Due to increase in population and increasing technology in the companies, jobs of many laborers are at stake.


Tamana: Obviously that is the case. With the industrial revolution, we have seen more of automation has come, which resulted in less number of employees working the companies as more work has been done by automated machines.

Deepti: That’s what is important for the developing countries as it gives us upper hand in many fields. Earlier the harvesting takes a lot of time and all the money were going in the wages of the laborers and nothing was left with the owners. But with the advanced technologies and techniques, with the help of machines those jobs are getting easy. So job seekers can get the job in other important sectors which add more value.

Deepak: Actually why to seek the job in some company instead a person should open his own venture which gives freedom to the person for working at his will and even the motivation level is high for such a job.

Tamana: Even for the persons who are not much educated to get jobs in the factories, there is a good way to open up their own ventures which does not require educational certificates but only the talent and knowledge of some particular field. As there is great scope for traditional artisans in the market but they lack due to undeveloped markets.

Rohit: That may be true in some context, but due to industrialization, there is huge demand for skilled workers who can contribute in manufacturing firms and infrastructure businesses. Even educated people are required in huge numbers by the upcoming IT companies which serve the global market.

Paras: I partially agree with you. Even in these sectors, when person has talent then why to work on the things already present in the market. Digitalization has opened the ways for the person to work on different platforms and develop mobile applications to come up with unique products and services.

Deepti: But the risk has been increased manifold as safety of jobs is decreasing in this culture. Along with sheer hard work and commitment, it needs a lot of patience to raise the company. That too can’t guarantee the more number of jobs for the needy ones as talent required to raise these startup are more than any other company.

Tamana: Adding to that, as more number of people is without job, it lowers the market value of the job and cheap labor is easily available for all the works at a hand. So addressing to this serious concern, it’s better to come up with job opportunities for the skilled laborers as it will benefit the laborers too.

Ankit: But I believe that job seekers at better advantage because when a person seeks a job and gets employed, he gets a fixed salary every month. So overall financial risk is mitigated which is not the case if you are going for your own venture.

Deepti: Yes I agree with what you said. Also we cannot neglect the fact that few of the job seekers are most successful CEOs today. To name a few, we already have example of Sunder Paichhai and Satya Nadella. Moreover there are very few job creators coming up as a success but manifold of that even got fail which never consider.

Paras: But there is other facet to look upon. As we know there are nearly 700 million people living without dignity and as a human we need to think about them and more than self-interest there is something beyond which a job creator has to pursue. It not only gives personal benefits but it also gives satisfaction by creating opportunities for others.

Deepak: As an educated person, it’s our moral duty to help the ones who are coming in front with ideas and new approaches as due to inefficient markets and exploitative supply chains, they are not able to get their proper values.

Tamana: So based on the discussion, we can say that there is equal importance to both the sides and we need to act according to circumstances prevalent at the time so that proper measures can be taken.


As every coin has two sides, so there is need of job creators who can fulfil the demand of job seekers. Depending on the talent and opportunities comes in the way of the person, he/she may need to act accordingly and exploit it to the maximum use for the betterment of society. Instead of searching for jobs randomly, a person should introspect and get to know about the direction for which he is suitable.

Facts from the topic:

1 Nearly 700 million people living without dignity

2 Job creation opportunities are more in manufacturing, IT and infrastructure.

3 Digitalization and mobile application is the new arenas for innovation and showing creativity.

4 Traditional artisans have great opportunities but are not able to exploit due to inefficient markets.

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