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Raj: Good morning to all. Today the topic of discussion is untouched paradise: Bollywood for aspiring actors. As we know that Bollywood is the dream of many young Indians. So on one side, it’s a place of opportunities for the person but on other side, it’s like a trap which consumes all energy of the person. So let’s have some healthy discussion on this.

Samira: Hello friends. As the topic suggests, Bollywood is the dream of many but it’s very difficult to realize this dream due to many types of barriers coming up in the way of the normal person.

Kiran: Absolutely. Until, the person has a godfather in the Bollywood; it’s very difficult to get settled at this place. From every region of India, many aspiring actor come after leaving their houses and jobs just to do struggle for many years in hope of getting good role but all in vein.

Aditi: It may be right in some context but it’s not only the case that happens. From that many aspiring actors, some get chance to fulfill their dreams and to change their lives completely.

Dev: Adding to the point, I am also of the view that Bollywood like other jobs in India has great scope for most of the people. It gives chance to the talented to showcase the skills to get the job of their dream.

Suraj: But if we see the ratio of people getting fortunate to the people have dreams, we see that ratio is very less. Many aspiring actors end up their golden years in hope of getting one chance. They end up doing jobs of spot boys, assistants and part of the crowd in movies. We have seen only two to three cases converting in their 40s.

Aditi: That is the case of desperate person who got into the trap of fake auditions and persons who extract all the money from them. A real passionate person knows when to quit and is full aware of the traps.

Suraj: Money is not the only concern of all. New girls who want to enter the industry are exploited by promises to launch them but that time never comes. Few years back, we have heard the case of director and producer who raped the girl for five times in three years. These types of cases are happening now and then but are not revealed every time.

Samira: Exactly. Isn’t it a concern for the safety of newcomers to the industry? Moreover in this industry instances are always coming which implies that this is the norms of the industry for the one who don’t have godfather.

Dev: I agree with you. But the place person want to reach is not easy to get for all. These are the ways adopted by the person who does not have trust on his instincts. Due to this, the people take advantage of the weak.

Raj: Definitely. The talented person will chose the right path which may be long but the person will reach for sure. We can take example of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who has said in his statement that, he can never be Shah Rukh Khan, but he can be Siddiqui. It all depends on the training of the person. There are many drama clubs who can polish the person to make him realize his dream.

Kiran: But the problem is many people don’t understand when to quit and when not to quit. Opportunities are not only lying in one field. Many people who come are very educated also. So they can join other career that best suit their skills.

Samira: Absolutely. Everybody has some talent and that can be used in the best way to leave an impact on the minds of people which otherwise we want to make by becoming an actor. So the routes to success are many and we need to find the correct path.

Aditi: I think with sheer hard work and dedication, if a person wants then he can achieve success in acting field also. It’s the game of time and patience.


Bollywood for aspiring actors play a role a role of untouched paradise as many are not able to get the place they want in the industry. Many harsh realities are also present behind the camera which these aspiring actors have to face. The land of dreams has many untold stories and hidden truths. The one are able to make it depends on luck, time and patience. Many people spend half of their lives in search of one chance and sometimes it ruins their lives forever. Passion drives the people but desperation takes over at last. Many end up their lives due to failure or end up being the spot boys.

Facts from the Topic

1 The path contains many fake encounters with fake auditions for money gain and exploitation.

2 Luck matters a lot and many actors are able to get into industry in their forties.

3 Suicide attempts by the one who are not able to make it are making the condition worst sometimes.

4 Training institutes help to polish skills and for career counseling of the aspiring actors.

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