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Devesh: Good morning friends. Today we are going to discuss the GD topic about the 2019 Elections in India, and what policies and critical issues need to be addressed to win the general elections 2019. According to me, firstly we should lay out the important agenda which has been creating an issue over the past few years.

Aarti: Hi. The Lok Sabha Elections 2019 are going to be the 17th elections. In the 2014 elections, Narendra Modi led BJP had come out triumphant comfortably. However, this time there seems to be tough fight between Congress and BJP as there have been certain unfulfilled promises by the current government.

Charu: I beg to differ on your point. There have been certain very good initiative taken by the Modi government since 2014, which would give them a strong chance to get re-elected. Some promising initiatives have been the Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan, Make in India, Skill India etc. Over and above this, initiatives like Mann ki Baat have also added weightage to this governments contribution.

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Firoz: But what about critical things like Demonetization and GST? Both of these have caused severe distress to the common people and has hurt the economy.

Esha: I agree. There has been a slowdown in business and economy. Some critical issue which needed to be addressed are unemployment, which has grown rapidly as per reports. It is estimated that 1.5 million jobs were lost due to demonetization.

Devesh: That is fine. But there cannot be any government which delivers on every single agenda. Developing a nation is a constant process. FDI inflow in India has increased from $45 billion to $60 billion in India. This has not only helped in expanding businesses but has also enabled new startups to come up.

Bhavin: Yes. All these things coupled with initiatives like Startup India have reduced the ease of doing business. Also, as per government reports, the BJP takes credit for electrification of every village in India.

Aarti: But what about other critical issues like farmer suicides, Ram temple etc. Congress party has been constantly criticizing the government for not taking proactive actions in ensuring the safety of farmers. They claim to waive off farmer loans, thereby reducing burden on them.

Charu: But that is not a permanent solution. Yes these are critical agendas but they cannot be simply resolved overnight. Apart from the business initiatives, the BJP government has also contributed in strengthening the defence forces through surgical strikes, increased budget allocations etc.

Esha: But deals like Rafale aircraft deal are still under scrutiny. Congress has criticized the BJP government on this that is wasn’t a transparent deal which hurt India. Also, another critical issue which will determine the elections 2019 is the Citizenship bill.

Devesh: Despite all the work already done, there is still which the new government can do. Which ever party out of BJP and Congress have a clear strategy and plan to execute the critical issues would be able to win the elections 2019. As of now, both the parties and their alliances have an equal chance.


BJP and Congress have a similar chance to win the general elections 2019. BJP has done some good work but Congress feels a lot more could have been done had they been in power. Even the opinion polls since 2014 have shown that the fight is now of equals.

Facts related to the group discussion

1. Critical Issues: Agrarian distress, Job crisis, Ram temple, Rafale deal, Citizenship amendment bill

2. Things in favor of current government: Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, Digital India, Startup India, $60 billion FDI, building toilets, metro rails in cities etc

3. Things against current government: Demonetization, 1.5 million jobs lost

4. In 2014, BJP won 282 seats under PM Modi against 44 seats for Congress under Rahul Gandhi.

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