Colors, Emotions and Brands

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Emotions are the driving forces of humans. People cannot be persuaded in anything without the understanding of emotions. In marketing, emotions play a dominant role. Different colors depict different emotions and organizations use those colors to create their image and deliver the significance of their brands. For example, The Company is a beauty spa, which uses natural, organic products. The target market is women, and she is trying to convey peaceful messages, rather than an energetic one. So, she knows that tints are the best route to take, as opposed to pure colors or shades. Colors to convey tranquility and femininity are pink, yellow, purple, and blue. The client really wants to drive home that products are organic. One option is green, which conveys thoughts of freshness and the environment.

Yellow color signifies optimism as well as clarity and warmth. The customers get a feeling that by buying these brands they have hope of getting excellence with these brands .e.g. master card, McDonalds.

Orange signifies cheerfulness and confidence. Brands use this to prove their friendly nature. E.g. Fanta

Red depicts excitement, youthfulness and boldness. E.g. Nestle, KFC

Blue signifies trust, dependability and strength. E.g. Ford, hp

Purple signifies creative, imaginative and wise. E.g. Yahoo, Cadbury

Green signifies peace, growth and health. E.g. Holiday inn

Black signifies balance and nature of calm. E.g. Chanel, Dior


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