HR Concepts Learnt through Movies and TV Series

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Hollywood movies are already famous for teaching management lessons to students. However, TV series also capture the essence of various HR practices followed throughout industries. For eg:- The TV series House MD doesn’t teach anything about ethics.

However, it can teach the viewers a lot about impression management techniques displayed by employees. These impression management techniques have been described in the infographic along with relevant examples and characters within the series who exhibit these impression management techniques. I have also included three major, critically acclaimed as well as popular choice Bollywood movies which have some good HR concepts embedded within their scripts. I chose this topic for the very reason that HR is considered to be a not-so-required entity within the organization and is more or less treated as a dispensable part. After watching these movies, one can truly relate to the similar work done by HR within the organizations and appreciate the function of HR at the same time. The purpose of this infographic is mainly to provide knowledge about a dry subject like HR alongwith entertainment to the audience so that they find meaning within the movies that they watch as well as have fun while doing so. This infographic talks about the various HR lessons that can be learnt from Bollywood movies and English TV Series.


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