Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo




“Style and Substance”

Cristiano Ronaldo has been hailed as one of the two best players of his generation and as one of the greatest of all time.CR7 has never shied away from the high life outside the field,but what makes him different from similar characters like Paul Gascoigne is the fact that he produces his best day after day,season after season on the field. Cristiano’s phenomenal goal scoring record and his transition in club football from Portugal to England to Spain have  been as smooth as silk.

Career Achievements

Portugese Football team captain

Most expensive transfer(surpassed by Gareth Bale in2013) and the highest paid footballer in the world

UEFA Champions league: 2007-08(Manchester United)

English Premier League: 2006-07,2007-08,2008-09(Manchester United)

Spanish La Liga:  2011-12(Real Madrid)

Awards and Recognition

FIFA World Player of the year – 2008

Ballon d’Or -2008

European Golden Shoe -2008,2011

UEFA Euro 2012 Joint top scorer

Off-Field Personality / Brand Image Traits

Cristiano is a live wire off the field, frequenting parties and leading the high life. He has had relationships with supermodels and is not afraid of flaunting the millions that he has earned. His life style outside the field combined with his good looks have made him a major player in the fashion scene as well. He has a fashion line named ‘CR7’ with multiple boutiques. He has featured on  football video game covers among other things owing to the general consensus that he is the best in the world combining the dual traits of talent and style. He has a softer side to him – his efforts to help the Indian ocean tsunami victims being a case in point.


Cristiano has been accused of being quite a show-boat on the field. An attention seeker, Cristiano’s  tendency to avoid passing to team mates regardless of their positioning has been a charge levelled against him from time to time.He has also been  criticised for being a ‘diver’. His inability to win a trophy with the Portugese national team, despite winning everything at club level, is a blemish on his otherwise stellar career. Cristiano’s flashy life style outside the field has drawn the ire of quite a few people. Early in his career, Ronaldo has had accusations of rape levied against him as well,even though he has since been  cleared of all charges.

List of Brands Endorsed

Nike, Armani, Coca-Cola, Motorola, KFC

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