David Beckham

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David Beckham




“The Rockstar of football”

Beckham was the man who brought glamour back to football. Widely recognised as a style symbol, he gained attention for his superb dead ball skills as well as his ever changing hair-does. Add to this, his marriage to former ‘Spice Girl’ Victoria Beckham,’Becks’  was the perfect  advertisement for the glitz of football.

Career Achievements

English Football team captain for 6 years

Capped 115 times(The most for an English outfield player)

UEFA Champions League:1998-99(Manchester United)

English Premier League: 1995-96,1996-97,1998-99,1999-00,2000-01,2002-03(Manchester United)

Spanish La Liga:  2006-07(Real Madrid)

MLS Cup:  2011,2012(LA Galaxy)

French Ligue 1:  2012-13(Paris St.Germain)

Awards and Recognition

OBE – 2003

BBC Sports Personality of the year Life time achievement award -2010

England player of the year -2003

UEFA Club footballer of the year – 1998-99

Off-Field Personality / Brand Image Traits

Beckham has been recognised as modern football’s first complete fashion icon.Major brands like Pepsi entered in to long term contracts with him.Beckham has been associated with the endorsement of clothing lines,fragrances and cosmetics and has adorned several magazine covers.His image as a hardworking and dedicated player on the pitch who enjoys his time off it saw him become a tabloid favourite.In addition to the glitz and glamour of entertainment,Beckham has also worked actively for the UNICEF,anti-AIDS and anti-Malaria campaigns .


Beckham’s flashy  off field life was one of the major criticisms aimed at him. His long-time manager at Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson once commented that Beckham’s marriage to Victoria and the subsequent media exposure that followed made Beckham lose his focus. Football pundits also criticised his decision to abandon main stream football in Europe during the peak of his career and  choose a transfer to the fledgling Major Soccer League in the USA .Beckham also ran in to trouble over allegations of an affair with his former personal secretary Rebecca Loos while playing for Real Madrid. On the field,Beckham was  described as a ‘one-trick pony’ by the British tabloids during the end of his career owing to the general observation that he delivered accurate crosses,but nothing else.

List of Brands Endorsed

Pepsi, Adidas, Gillette, Burger King

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