Lewis Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton




“Amazing talent”

Lewis Hamilton made the public sit up and take notice when he almost won the Formula 1 Championship title in his debut season, becoming the youngest driver to win a race in the process. He followed this up by winning the world championship in the next season, propelling himself in to superstardom.A favourite of the British press,Hamilton’s awesome talent has been credited with reviving the interest in motor racing in the country.

Career Achievements

Formula 1 World Champion: 2008 (Mclaren)

Formula 1 Runner Up: 2007(Mclaren)

Most wins in a debut season

Awards and Recognition

MBE   - 2009

The first black driver in F-1

Off-Field Personality / Brand Image Traits

Hamilton has been an epitome of confidence – beginning  from how he went up to McLaren boss Ron Dennis at the age of 10 telling him that he wanted to race for McLaren to how he almost won the world title in his rookie season. Hamilton has been a darling of the British press  which only intensified after he became the first Brit since Damon Hill to win the F-1 title. His high profile life outside F-1 has seen him date celebrities and his extrovert nature has attracted many a brand to him.


Hamilton has been accused of being immature. His rift with his McLaren teammate Fernando Alonso has been well documented. Their clashes eventually lead to neither one of them winning the F-1 championship in 2007 despite them leading the table going in to the last race.His relationship with fellow Brit and McLaren teammate Jenson Button also had its slip ups.Hamilton has also been fined or penalised for aggressive driving.His flashy lifestyle has also been pointed out to be a reason for his supposed lack of focus.

List of Brands Endorsed

Reebok, Santander, TAGHeuer

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