Valentino Rossi

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Valentino Rossi




“The Doctor”

Valentino Rossi is an Italian national treasure. He is one of the greatest  motor cyclists of all time, having won the world 125cc,250cc,500cc and Moto GP world championships. Nick named ‘Doctor’ as a sign of respect, Rossi is the most successful driver in Moto GP/500cc.His rivalries with Max Biaggi,Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo have been enthralling for sports fan all around the world. His autobiography ‘What if I had never tried it’ gives an insight in to these rivalries as well as to what drives Rossi as a person.

Career Achievements

Moto GP/500 cc Champion:  2001-03 (Honda), 2004-05, 2008-09(Yamaha),

250 cc Champion :   1999(Aprilia)

125 cc Champion : 1997(Aprilia)

80 wins in Moto GP/500 cc

Driver to score the maximum points and maximum pole positions in history

Awards and Recognition

Laureus World Sports Awards  Come back of the year   2011

One of the highest earning Sports personalities in the world, according to Sports Illustrated

Off-Field Personality / Brand Image Traits

Valentino Rossi has been hailed as an Italian icon, with most motorsport  fans associating Moto GP to him for the better part of the last decade and many still continue to do the same even now. Many brands have tried to cash in on this mass appeal. Rossi’s Oakley glasses are a major attraction world wide. Rossi has been known for his intensity on the field and his quiet life off it.He is an avid fan of the Italian football club InterMilan.Rossi even tried his hand at Formula 1, test driving for Ferrari and hopes to pursue a career in rallying in the future.


Rossi’s relationship with his rivals has never been cordial, his infamous rant against once close friend Sete Gibernau after the Qatar GP of 2004 being case in point. Casey Stoner once declared that  he had lost all respect for Rossi after a tussle with Rossi in 2008.The controversial letters on the  leather he wears has also caused criticisms, but he has never been sanctioned. Rossi was also investigated by Tax authorities for tax evasion and he had to pay 35 million Euros as compensation.

List of Brands Endorsed

Opel  Adam,Oakley,Packard Bell Dot VR46

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