Interesting Costs Cutting Techniques By Companies

By MBA Skool


Because of efficient distribution systems & innovative ideas, WalMart is been able to provide ‘Every Day Low Pricing’ to its customers

Maruti Suzuki

They replaced their metal fuel tank in Swift with Plastic fuel tank, thereby increasing efficiency by 13% and reducing weight of the car


Dell’s first approach was to remove the ‘middlemen’ in supply chain system became famous as ‘Direct from Dell’.

Southwest Airlines

Focused on cost reduction by No seating distinctions, no baggage transfer, simplest pricing structure, no meals, fewest cancellations, lowest possible fare etc.


Toyota introduced effient systems in manufacturing like Kaizen, Just-in-time, Jidoka, Five-Why Technique etc.


Sustainable Growth by reducing costs- by identifying key cost elements in some of the important aspects of business like Energy, Environment, Social, Production & technology

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