Generation Names Worldover (Lost, G.I., Silent, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z)

By MBA Skool

Lost Generation

This generation also referred to as the 1914 generation was the generation which was born between late 1800’s and early 1900s( i.e. b/w 1880’s and 1900s).

Greatest Generation

This generation was born between 1900 and 1924. This generation includes people who actually fought in the World War 2 & were growing up when the Great Depression happened.

Silent Generation

Silent Generation includes people born between 1925 and 1945. These people saw the time after the World War 2 with Peace and Prosperity but with a certain caution.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers is referred to the people who were born immediately after the World War 2 (1946 to 1964). They are referred by the name because of increased birth rate.

Generation X

Generation X (or Gen X) comes after the more popular Baby Boomers. It refers to people born between mid-1960s to early 1980s.

Millennials (or Generation Y)

Generation Y comes after the Generation X. It refers to people born between 1982 and 2000). They are also called Millennials as reference to the year 2000.

Generation Z

This generation refers to people born after 2000 till now. This is the youngest generation. There is no fixed name till now for this generation but people refer to them as Generation Z

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