Top Logo Rebranding Strategies of Companies

By MBA Skool


Pepsi has rebranded its logo from a simple text of Pepsi Cola to a more colorful logo within a circle to a more computer-generated 3-D spherical logo with droplets added.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola over the years has evolved into a more colorful and vibrant logo as compared to the simple text logo.


The Apple logo was redesigned from a colorful striped bitten apple to a more professionally carved 3-d logo which gave a more futuristic look


The circle with alternate blue-white quadrants surrounded by BMW name remains the same, but it is now stylised with depth, shine and a more futuristic sharp finish


Nokia converted its logo into a colorful image and ultimately the "two shaking hands" with the brand name became a household name of its tagline "Connecting People"


With the earlier logos focusing on the nest, the addition of the trade-mark birds in the nest alongwith the bold Nestle brandname


Mastercard tweaked its logo keeping the two-merging golden and red circle as the main base.


The 2-d blue and white striped logo was converted into a 3-d spherical logo, which gave a more futuristic and comtemporary look and feel

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