9 MBA Career options for students and professionals

By MBA Skool

Business Consulting

Business Consultants interact directly with key stakeholders to design and implement business solutions that help clients optimize revenue, costs and efficiency.

IT Management and Business Analysis

An IT manager advises companies on IT related products and services and overlooks the entire process right from gathering the client’s requirements to delivery of the service to the client.

Marketing Management

Marketing managers should focus mainly on the practical application and efficient management of an organization's marketing operations.

HR Manager

An HR manager has the key responsibility of managing the valuable human resource.

Investment Banking

One of the most sought after profiles for MBA students, investment banking is also one of the most comprehensive job profiles available and includes asset, wealth and debt, privatization as well as M&A.

Venture Capitalist

Roles in venture capital varies and are classifies into five main broad categories: analyst, associate, principal and partner.

Brand Management

Brand managers literally live by this motto and strive to create a good first impression for their clients.

Financial Managers

Finance jobs for MBAs popularly include banking, hedge fund manager, risk analysts etc.


Entrepreneurs have a vital role in a market economy. It is the entrepreneurs who provide that spark, stimulating the country’s economy.

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