10 must watch Movies for Management Students and Professionals

By MBA Skool

The Big Short

The big short is one of best movies made on the 2008 Subprime crisis. It is made as a satire and explains the crisis well.


Moneyball is a great movie in management on how to take risks and believe in oneself to produce great results. Brad Pitt plays a coach of a baseball team.

Up in the Air

For an MBA Student, the movie offers a lot into HR issues, personal issues, communication skills, management and lot more. Its a nice and a must watch.

Pursuit of Happyness

For an MBA Student, its a journey of how to pursue your dream and get it with the constant determination, Its the true story of Chris Gardner.

12 Angry Men

If you want to understand group dynamics or behaviour, this is the movie for you. The movie shows how 12 men, who are made to sit in a closed room to decide fate of an accused, discuss it out till the end.

Rocket Singh - Salesman

The movie shows how a simple man doing internship in a computer company takes on the entire system of bad sales practices and establishes his own company on basis of ethics and honesty.

Pirates of the Silicon Valley

Based on true stories and incidents, this is a must watch for any MBA student or otherwise too. The story starts with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both in college and ends with both making the giant brands reality.

The Social Network

The story of Facebook to the minutest details. The story of how Mark Zukerberg forms facebook and how it increases its reach the world.

Anti Trust

A high voltage drama on antitrust issues and the tussle between Open Source Software Business model and the opposite way of doing the software business.

The Great Debaters

This is a wonderful story of how a teacher prepares a team of students and in the end takes on the Harvard University.

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