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Here is a list of best and the must see movies (films) for MBA Students or management graduates. Each one of these movies should teach you something. Finance, Ethics, Marketing, Team Management, whistle Blowing, Communication Skills all is to be learnt from some brilliant movies. We have updated it recently.

The list is not in any order of ranking or preference. So the list begins.

The Big Short

mov 17

The big short is one of best movies made on the 2008 Subprime crisis. It is made as a satire and explains the crisis well. Great acting by Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling elevates the plot even more. For an MBA Student, the movie shows the causes of sub prime crisis in a great way along with focus on a lot of concepts and instruments which were used during the crisis. As a business student, it is one of the best watch.


mov 17

Moneyball is a great movie in management on how to take risks and believe in oneself to produce great results. Brad Pitt plays a coach of a baseball team and how he take risks and makes decisions is the crux of the movie. Also how data and statistics can help you make informed decisions is also a very crucial part of the movie. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill combine data and experience to produce results is the main learning point of the movie. A must watch.

Up in the Air

Mov 1

Its the story of Ryan Bingham, played by George Clooney, whose job is to fire people from their jobs.He travels through air most of the year doing his job and lives out of the suitcase. The movie is crisp and also shows how he transforms when his own company grounds him.

For an MBA Student, the movie offers a lot into HR issues, personal issues, communication skills, management and lot more. Its a nice and a must watch.

Pursuit of Happyness

Mov 2

One of the most inspiring movies ever made. Its a story of a struggling salesman and how he transforms his life through an internship. But whats the best about the movie is the attitude of the character and powerful performance by Will Smith.

For an MBA Student, its a journey of how to pursue your dream and get it with the constant determination, Its the true story of Chris Gardner. There are many instances where we can learn a lot like when Chris makes sales calls in an efficient manner to make up for his lost hours. And how he lends 5 $ to a client for Cab fare even when he can't afford it. 

Watch it if you haven't till date.

12 Angry Men

Mov 3

If you want to understand group dynamics or behaviour, this is the movie for you. The movie shows how 12 men, who are made to sit in a closed room to decide fate of an accused, discuss it out till the end. In the beginning 11 out of 12 agree to wrap of the case instantly and convict the accused but 1 man stands against the motion and makes everyone debate. How he does it and what comes out of it is the real learning out of this movie.

Rocket Singh-Salesman

Mov 4

Very few Indian movies are made so well on such topics of business or management. The movie shows how a simple man doing internship in a computer company takes on the entire system of bad sales practices and establishes his own company on basis of ethics and honesty. He makes one mistake though. 

Lot of learnings from this movie. The movie shows both sides of business very effectively. The bad side of Puri's business style and the good side of Harpreet's business sense.

Great Watch ! 

Pirates of the Silicon Valley

mov 5

IF you want to understand the story of how Apple and Microsoft were formed with a Zooming lens, this is the movie. One of the best movies on management and business. Based on true stories and incidents, this is a must watch for any MBA student or otherwise too. 

The story starts with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both in college and ends with both making the giant brands reality. It has some amazing scenes like in which Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer sit in a meeting with IBM and sell them the operating system which they didn't even have. The other scene in which Steve Jobs goes to Xerox to understand the new UI based operating system. 

Brilliant !

The Social Network

mov 6

The movie needs no introduction. The story of Facebook to the minutest details. The story of how Mark Zukerberg forms facebook and how it increases its reach the world. It's a beautifully made movie. Watch it to learn the nuances of entrepreneurship and related things.

The Damned United

mov 8

Often Sports and Sports based movies can be great teachers for management. The Damned united is one of the best movies on management. Its based on the true story of Brian Cough. Its a story of his 44-day reign as the coach of Leeds United, a football club in England. Set in 60's and 70's, this movie would not only entertain you but would teach you a lot too. The small plannings, the transfers, the decisions ! Must Watch !


mov 9

Continuing with Sports based films, lets talk about Lagaan. The film is set in the Champaner, a village in colonial India and is based on poor farmers who are burdned by Lagaan(Taxes). Due TO Bhuvan's(Aamir Khan's) mistake, the british team offers to play a cricket match. If the village team beats the british Lagaan for three years would be cancelled or else it would be tripled.
The story of how few indian farmers learn someting which is not known to them , form a team and take on the biggest empire.

This movie will teach how to work in a team. This would teach you the leadership skills through Bhuvan's character. 

Wall Street

mov 10

In MBA or business we talk a lot about Ethics. Are they always followed or are often compromised. Greed, Insider Trading, going to the top are just few of the things Wall Street will show you.

One of the best movies on Business, Stock Market and Ethics. Not to be Missed for an MBA Student !

Citizen Kane

mov 11

The classic 1941 movie is about a newspaper tycoon Charles Foster Kane who dies with his last words Rosebud. Kane is a man who gets poisoned with greed as he moves up. Its an all time classic for MBA Students. The movie teaches a lesson to all students about the issues and challenges you might face in what you are doing but sticking to ethics is your choice.


mov 12

A high voltage drama on antitrust issues and the tussle between Open Source Software Business model and the opposite way of doing the software business. The movie is a good piece of work. It shows how two friends chose different career paths and on the way what happens is the crux of the movie. There is a very important role of a CEO of a very big corporation called NURV and how NURV resorts to dubious ways to excel in business.

Thank you for Smoking

mov 13

This is one of the most amazing movies made on marketing and communication skills. Imagine you sell a product which kills thousands of people in a single day and your friend group also work for similar life threatening products. But Job is a job ! Everyone has to pay the mortgage. This movie revolves around Nick Naylor who basically markets cigarettes. Does all remain good ?

Watch the movie ! 

Remember the Titans

mov 14

Its a  true story of a an African-American coach(Denzel Washington) and how he makes a racially mixed team. Its a story in which white and African-American players learn from each other and form an ultimate team. Watch this movie to learn about team building and acceptance.

The movie has many twists and turns and is a good watch !

The Great Debaters

mov 15

The great debaters also starring Denzel is set in 1930's and deals with the racism issue. But in all this is a wonderful story of how a teacher prepares a team of african american students and in the end takes on the Harvard University. There is just one word for the movie, Brillaint !

Watch it for its speech, communication skills and team management.

Class Action

mov 16

The movie touches the issue of Whistle Blower. Its story of two lawyers Father and Daughter who fight a case when person sues an auto company over a safety problem that has had a severe effect on his life after the accident.

Classic movie on Whistle Blower and related issues.

The Insider

mov 17

Another popular movie on the case of Whistle Blower. Its story of an Insider who takes on an entire company who is doing wrong. Either he should keep his mouth shut or risk his life.

If you are an MBA Student watch it for Ethics and Integrity and the issues of whistle blower.

Rogue Trader

mov 19

A classic on Ethics and Greed issues. Would interest if you love stock market and trading. The movie is a story on Nick Leeson who is determined to make it big and earn a lot of money. He grabs all the opportunities but compromises his ethics at many times. Result : he covers up losses, lies and hides things and eventually leads to the bank going bankrupt.

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