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Basics of Marketing Management

Learn the core concepts of Marketing, Research, Product, Branding, Sales and Advertising

Basics of Operations & Supply Chain

Learn the core concepts of Operations, Supply Chain, Inventory, Quality and Production

Basics of Human Resources Management

Learn the core concepts of Human Resources, Recruitment, Selection, Talent and Training

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SWOT & Brand Analysis

BrandGuide has SWOT, STP and marketing analysis of brands & companies

Important Brands:

PESTLE Analysis

PESTLE Analysis Section consists of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal analysis of various companies and brands.

Popular Brands:

Marketing Strategy & Mix

Marketing Strategy & Mix Section consists of 4Ps Analysis of brands which includes product, place, price, promotion strategies for products and services sectors.

Popular Marketing Strategy Articles :

Business Articles

Business Articles contains various articles on management subjects like Marketing, Operations, IT and Human Resources.


Business Concepts

Business Concepts has various management definitions and frameworks.

Important Concepts:

Top Companies Lists

Top Brand Lists are compiled lists of companies within various sectors on the basis of parameters like Market Value, Sales, Profit, Customers etc.

Latest Lists :

Group Discussion (GD) Topics

The Group Discussion Section covers more than 100 GD topics which includes answers, facts and conclusion.

Popular Group Discussions :

Quizzes & Tests

Quizzes test your knowledge about business and Skills tests evaluate your management traits