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Course on Basics of Marketing Management

Learn the Core Concepts of Marketing, Research, Product, Branding, Sales and Advertising.

Created By: Business Concepts TeamLast Updated: 15 January, 2021Duration: 4-6 Hours

Course Description

The Basics of Marketing course provides information about the core concepts of marketing, research, customer, product, sales & promotion. The course is structured for simplicity of learning & covers important topics, case studies & an assessment quiz. It gives an overview of the importance, key promotional strategies, sales processes etc, which can help in solving real life challenges. The Basics of Marketing course is an essential learning for entrepreneurs, business students, marketing managers, business owners or anyone who is keen to learn the fundamentals of marketing, sales & promotion. know more..

This Course Includes

- 6 Lessons

- 43 topics

- Concept Wise Progress

- Self Paced Learning

- Final Asessement Quiz

Steps to take this course

1. Start your course by reading the first topic in the course content below.

2. After reading each topic, use Back to Course or the browser/device back button to return to this page & continue reading all topics in the same way.

3. After 100% completion, please take the assessment test.

Assessment Quiz

- Test your knowledge & skills by taking the assessment test based on the lessons & topics.

- The test offers 10 questions based on concepts studied, and hence we recommend you complete the entire course.

- Select the more appropriate answer for each question to score the highest.

- A score of 60% or more is considered good.

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Know More about Marketing Course

Importance of taking a Marketing Course

Marketing is one of the most important functions in business. For any organization, whenever a product or service is created, it is important to made the prospective buyers aware of it. It plays a pivotal role in taking the product to market & generating revenue. It involves understanding the market, identifying your target customer, branding & promoting your product through various channels, ensure strong sales revenue and also keep the customer satisfied.

A course on marketing gives a birds eye view of how some big MNCs or even smaller firms use different techniques & processes to promote & sell their goods to customers. No matter which industry, how many customers, whether its a product or service which is of low value or premium value, marketing connects the chain from product creation to product sale.

Benefits of this Marketing Course

A course on basics of marketing & sales will prepare you to have a logical thinking on different aspects & processes when selling goods.

- A marketing manager & business professional can learn the finer points which can be explored to ramp-up business further.

- An entrepreneur can learn to evaluate what are the best options to explore to promote their products despite budget limitations.

- MBA students & aspirants can not only decide on their career path selection, but can also be prepared to use the knowledge from this course and implement it in a real life scenario once they join a job.

- Also, any sales person who wants to understand how closely sales & marketing functions work, must learn from this course.

- CEOs, department heads & business leads can empower their teams for rational, logical & market-oriented thinking using this course.

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