Production Concept

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Definition: Production Concept

Production Concept is a belief that states that the customers would always acquire products which are cheaper and more readily available (or widely available). The production concept advocates that more the products or production, more would be the sales. In countries where labor is cheap and easily available, the production can be maximized while minimizing the costs, hence increasing the production efficiency.

India and China are great examples of the Production Concept of marketing. China made sure that it increases its overall production through manual labor available by mass producing and distributing products across the world. Today China is one of the biggest exporter of its manufactured product across the globe. What China did in manufacturing, India did with information technology services by mass producing talent for IT. Today India is one of the biggest exporter of IT services.

The production concept can easily explain the above two examples. The production concept is one of the few orientations which a company has towards the market. Other being - The Product ConceptThe Selling ConceptThe Marketing Concept and the Holistic Marketing Concept.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Production Concept along with its overview.

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