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Selling Concept - Meaning, Importance & Example

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What is Selling Concept?

The selling concept essentially mirrors the thought that consumers will not purchase enough of the company’s products unless large-scale promotional and selling efforts are carried out by it. Selling concept is one of the ideologies in marketing like production concept, product concept, holistic concept etc.

Selling concept is used for goods which customers don’t buy normally, unsought goods like insurance etc. These goods are aggressively sold by tracking down the target segment and sold on the virtue of the product benefits. The final objective is to increase sales revenue and increase profits.

Importance of Selling Concept

The focus in the selling concept is more on selling the products of the company to consumers without comprehending the market needs and increasing sales transactions rather than building and enhancing relationships with customers.

selling concept

The selling concept works under poor assumptions that if customers are coaxed into buying a product then they will necessarily like it. Even if they don’t like it, they’ll forget their dissatisfaction over a period of time and buy the product again later.

Selling Concept Example

One of the most common example of selling concept is the insurance industry. Insurance companies spend a lot of budget in promoting insurance products and selling efforts are very important part of it. Insurance agents and managers promote the products at a large scale and explain the benefits to the target audience. Insurance companies tie up at group level with companies as well. 

Hence, this concludes the definition of Selling Concept along with its overview.

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