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Self-paced courses in Marketing, Operations & HR for learning the basics of business & management which will help you to upskill & succeed. Know more..

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Course List

Basics of Marketing Management

Learn the core concepts of Marketing, Research, Product, Branding, Sales and Advertising

43 Topics | 4-6 Hours | 1 Assessment

Basics of Operations & Supply Chain

Learn the core concepts of Operations, Supply Chain, Inventory, Quality and Production

42 Topics | 4-6 Hours | 1 Assessment

Basics of Human Resources Management

Learn the core concepts of Human Resources, Recruitment, Selection, Talent and Training

37 Topics | 3-5 Hours | 1 Assessment

Know more about Courses

Why should you take MBA Skool online courses for learning?

MBA Skool business courses cover subjects like marketing, sales, operations, supply chain & HR (human resources). Each subject is broken down into easy to learn lessons & topics. Each topic offers high quality content & is created to offer simple yet an effective self-paced learning experience anytime, anywhere.

What is the eligibility to learn these courses?

There is no minimum eligibility criteria to learn. These online courses have been created for:

- Students

- MBA aspirants

- Working Professionals

- Business Owners

- Entrepreneurs

Are the online courses free?

Yes, these are offered here are free of cost.

Is there a registration required?

No. There is no registration or login required to study.

What are the steps to take a course?

- Please select the subject or area of interest, and go to that course page.

- Start reading the structured lessons & topics one by one & return back to the respective course page to monitor your progress.

- Once you finish reading all topics & your progress is 100%, your course is complete.

- After completion, we suggest you take the assessment test to evaluate your learnings.

Do the courses work across devices?

Yes. They can be studied from any device of your choice. However, since this is a course without signup & login, so we recommend you start & finish one course without switching devices to monitor your progress.