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Course on Basics of Operations and Supply Chain Management

Learn the core concepts of Operations, Supply Chain, Inventory, Quality and Production.

Created By: Business Concepts TeamLast Updated: 15 January, 2021Duration: 4-6 Hours

Course Description

The Basics of Operations & Supply Chain course provides information about the core concepts of production, capacity, logistics, supply chain, quality & operational processes. The course is structured for simplicity of learning & covers important topics & an assessment. This course gives an overview of production, supply chain, TQM etc which is the foundation for any manufacturing or service company. The Basics of Operations & SCM course is an essential learning for entrepreneurs, business students, operations managers, manufacturers, service companies or anyone who is keen to learn operations management & supply chain. know more..

This Course Includes

- 6 Lessons

- 42 topics

- Concept Wise Progress

- Self Paced Learning

- Final Asessement Quiz

Steps to take this course

1. Start your course by reading the first topic in the course content below.

2. After reading each topic, use Back to Course or the browser/device back button to return to this page & continue reading all topics in the same way.

3. After 100% completion, please take the assessment test.

Assessment Quiz

- Test your knowledge & skills by taking the assessment test based on the lessons & topics.

- The test offers 10 questions based on concepts studied, and hence we recommend you complete the entire course.

- Select the more appropriate answer for each question to score the highest.

- A score of 60% or more is considered good.

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Know More about Operations Course

Importance of taking a Operations & SCM Course

Operations management is one of the key business functions, especially in the manufacturing & services sector. The essential business activities under operations management include demand planning, raw material procurement, production processes, capacity management, handly inventory, storing finished goods & even distributing them. Without operations management, even services industry would be lacklustre as concepts like JIT (just-in-time) are critical in day to day activities. This makes operations management a key pillar in business administration, and hence a structured course can help learn the fundamentals of supply chain.

Benefits of this Operations Course

This course on operations & supply chain management is useful for learning, understanding & evaluating how processes based on capacity, time, efficiency etc can help increase business productivity in manufacturing or services sector.

- CEOs or company heads can use this course as a quick guide to train their staff in the essentials of operations management. This can empower the workers to embibe the various processes to increase efficiency, reduce wastage & enhance productivity

- Services sector professionals can use it & identify key elements which can further streamline processes & improve inefficient activities for higher productivity.

- Students & aspirants of MBA operations can use this as a guide to strengthen their core concepts through the operations management course.

- Any entrepreneur looking to start a manufacturing firm will need to study, understand & implement all these concepts to ensure there is no additional costs & the company operates at a positive margin.

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