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What is Exclusive Distribution?

Exclusive distribution is a mechanism of distributing goods wherein the manufacturer gives sole & special rights to one distributor to sell the goods. Exclusive distribution gives the single distributor authority to sell the goods in a particular region. In this, the role of wholesalers are minimized.

Importance of Exclusive Distribution

Basically any product can be distributed to consumers through three types of distribution:

1. Intensive

2. Selective

3. Exclusive

As a part of exclusion distribution, the goods manufacturer gives authority to one single distributor partner in a region.

This enables a smooth supply chain management between the two parties, and a smooth business operation.

Exclusive Distribution

Characteristics of Exclusive Distribution

Some key elements are:

1. Single branding by the distributor

2. Exclusive territory rights to sell goods

3. No role of wholesalers

4. Exclusivity of high quality goods

Thus a single distributor only has the right to market that product in its specific territory.


The rationale behind granting exclusive rights to the distributor are as follows:

1. To incentivize better promotion of the product.

2. Provide better customer service.

3. Maintain exclusivity of high quality products.

4. Helps in higher customer service & hence good brand loyalty.

Examples of Exclusive Distribution

High quality premium products usually utilize the exclusive distribution channel. Some key products like cars, furniture brands, exclusive clothing line, premium watches etc use this distribution channel. This maintains exclusivity as well as brand loyalty.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Exclusive Distribution along with its overview.

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