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Skill Tests

In the Skill Tests section, you can test how well you are equipped with skills like management leadership, communication, teamwork, ability to handle stress, ethics, decision making etc. The tests will help you understand yourself, analyze your skills and give you the areas you can improve upon to become the best.

These days management is a very important parameter in our everyday life, especially in the world of business. Every individual must possess an excellent skill set, must be sharp, must possess good domain knowledge, should be willing to take important decision & communicate well.

Each question will determine your action on a particular real-life scenario you might come across in your professional life. Choose the most relevant option which you feel you will do as a manager. All your questions will be evaluated on various parameters like leadership, teamwork, decision making, ethics, communication, conflict resolution etc.

List of Different Skill Tests

Below are the different tests covering various skills in a 15 question set each.

Skill Questions Link
Management Quotient 15 Take Test
Emotional Intelligence 15 Take Test
Team Management 15 Take Test
Leadership Skills 15 Take Test
Time Management 15 Take Test
Stress Management 15 Take Test
Entrepreneurial Drive15Take Test
Project Management15Take Test
Decision Making15Take Test
Communication Skills15Take Test