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Intensive Distribution - Meaning, Importance & Example

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What is Intensive Distribution?

Intensive distribution is a distribution strategy for generic products where a product is made available to all customers. Intensive distribution uses all the possible sources by utilizing different distribution channels so that the customer gets the product at every possible location for shopping like general store, health store, discount store, shopping malls etc. This method of distribution is for goods or commodities which are generic in nature.

Sometimes a generic product is having problem of differentiation and retention by the customer is difficult for such product. The problem of brand retention will not be there as customer doesn’t have to be aware for that product, the availability of the product will serve the customer need.

Importance of Intensive Distribution

Intensive Distribution is important for products of high demand and daily use like soft drinks, bath soaps, tooth brush, match box etc. Here the customers do not identify with different brands and attributes. Soap is a good example of intensive distribution. Even if there are different soap brands and customers recognize them. There are high chances that if their regular brand is not available and they need a soap they might pick another one which was available on the shelf in the store. Many a times, one brand marketing campaign can lead to a customer interest and if that brand is not available where the customer is, a competitor brand can get advantage to fulfill the customer interest.

Intensive Distribution

Advantages of Intensive Distribution

Some advantages are:

1. Products are distributed across all geographies.

2. Goods are available in large quantities at multiple outlets.

3. Brand visibility is very high as these products are present at every store.


Some examples of intensive distribution are goods that we use daily. Products like biscuits, wheat, chocolates, shaving cream, soaps, soft drinks etc are all product categories which use this type of distribution. These products are sent by manufacturers to multiple wholesalers across different geographies, who then distribute the products across all different retail outlets. Hence a large network is formed and the products are widely available.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Intensive Distribution along with its overview.

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