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Course on Basics of Human Resource Management

Learn the Core Concepts of Human Resources, Recruitment, Selection, Talent Management and Training.

Created By: Business Concepts TeamLast Updated: 15 January, 2021Duration: 3-5 Hours

Course Description

The Basics of HRM course provides information about the core concepts of human resources, organizations, recruitment, employment, talent management & skills. The course is structured for simplicity of learning & covers important topics & an assessment. This course gives an overview of HRD, employee management, compensation, job & career management etc which is critical for any business when managing a workforce. The Basics of Human Resource Management course is an essential learning for entrepreneurs, business students, HR managers or anyone who is keen to learn the about HR & employee management. know more..

This Course Includes

- 7 Lessons

- 37 topics

- Concept Wise Progress

- Self Paced Learning

- Final Asessement Quiz

Steps to take this course

1. Start your course by reading the first topic in the course content below.

2. After reading each topic, use Back to Course or the browser/device back button to return to this page & continue reading all topics in the same way.

3. After 100% completion, please take the assessment test.

Assessment Quiz

- Test your knowledge & skills by taking the assessment test based on the lessons & topics.

- The test offers 10 questions based on concepts studied, and hence we recommend you complete the entire course.

- Select the more appropriate answer for each question to score the highest.

- A score of 60% or more is considered good.

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Know More about HRM Course

Importance of taking a Human Resources Management Course

Human resources management or HRM defines how effective the workforce of a company is. The biggest objective of an HR function is to ensure the best talent is employed with the company, who will work together to drive business & help generate revenue. As a function, HR is responsible for having the best organizational structure; recruitment, selection & retention of employees, deciding the compensation & benefits, training the employees and improving their skills. The final objective of human resources is to manage all the people in the organization, who eventually will help drive the business for the company.

Benefits of this Human Resources course

This course on human resources management looks to provide all key essentials concepts which are useful in a real life scenario in an organization. The self-paced easy to learn structured lessons & topics will help learn the fundamentals of HR.

- HR managers can find value as it would help them understand the minute strategies useful for recruitment, selection, training, motivating etc the employees in a company.

- Startups & entrepreneurs can plan how they would want to have their organizational structure in place so they can have a strong team.

- MBA aspirants & students can understand the criticality of HR as a function, which is often undermined in terms of its contribution. This course will help them with the subject knowledge & help them choose a HR career path if needed.

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