Career Planning

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What is Career Planning?

Career planning is the self-evaluation & planning done by a person to have a strong career path. Career planning process in the continuous reiterative process of understanding oneself, setting career goals, revising skills and searching for the right career options.

Importance of Career Planning

Career planning is a step-wise process which enables an individual to focus on where to want to be in life professionally. With the short-term goal and the long-term goals in place, It can help to plan their journey in their professional life. Self-assessment is necessary to understand one’s capabilities and drawbacks. The various career options should be explored in detail to find a fit between one’s abilities and the opportunities provided by a career option. It involves continuous learning and improvement to build and growth in the chosen career path. A good career planning helps a person grow in life in their professional career, which also help them grow personally.

Steps in the Career Planning Process

Career Planning Process

Career planning process is an important aspect for an individual’s career development. Some of the basic steps in a career planning process are:

1. Self-Assessment: The first step in the process is self-assessment to be done by the individual to understand his or her skills, areas of interest etc.

2. Research on Careers: The second step in the process is to understand the career options, companies available, growth options in career etc.

3. Set Career Objectives: The next step in the career planning is to set short-term as well as long-term career goals for oneself, and to have a clear career path.

4. Learn & Improve Skills: The fourth step in the process is to keep acquiring new skills and knowledge to be in line with career objectives and with industry requirements.

5. Preparation of CV: The next step in the planning process is to be fully prepared in terms of CV, cover letter, recommendations etc.

6. Job Search: The sixth step is to short-list the companies where an individual is seeking a job & start applying.

7. Revise Career Goals: The last step in the career planning process is to continuously evaluate the career goals and again do a self-assessment to build a strong career path.

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