Career Development Definition, Importance & Overview

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Definition: Career Development

Career development is the series of activities or the on-going/lifelong process of developing one’s career. Career development usually refers to managing one’s career in an intra-organizational or inter-organizational scenario. It involves training on new skills, moving to higher job responsibilities, making a career change within the same organization, moving to a different organization or starting one’s own business.

Career development is directly linked to the goals and objectives set by an individual. It starts with self-actualization and self-assessment of one’s interests and capabilities. The interests are then matched with the available options.

The individual needs to train himself to acquire the skills needed for the option or career path chosen by him. Finally, after acquiring the desired competency, he has to perform to achieve the goals and targets set by him.

Career Development

Career development is directly linked to an individual’s growth and satisfaction and hence should be managed by the individual and not left to the employer. Career development helps an individual grow not only professionally but also personally. Learning new skills like leadership, time management, good governance, communication management, team management etc also help an employee develop and shape their career.

Importance of Career Development

Every employee working in an organization is looking for a career development which moves in the right direction. Career path taken by an employee determines the growth. Career should be planned in a way that it moves forward.

Career development provides the framework with skills, goals, awareness, assessment and performance which helps an individual to move in the right direction and achieve the goals one has in one's career. Careful career planning is always useful for individuals to succeed professionally and also helps to boost employee motivation in the organization.

Career Development Strategies

The development of an individual's career is driven by several factors. Strategies to improve someone's career can be driven either by the company through organization development or by the individual himself or herself. Some strategies of career development are as following.

1. By Companies

Training and development by companies can help in employees learn new skills. Companies help in providing leadership development, management development etc. This is all done through employee training sessions or developmental counselling. Employee development in the long run helps in career development.

2. By Employees

Individuals can themselves boost their own career. This is done through constant evaluation of their skills using techniques like continuing professional development.

Continuous and repetitive efforts can help in the career development for an employee.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Career Development along with its overview.

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