Career Centre

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Definition: Career Centre

A career centre, popular at universities and colleges, is a centre of expert counsellors who help individuals make informed career choices. A career centre provides a variety of services. Career counsellors assist individuals in their self-assessment.

The main objective of these career centres is to understand an individual and help in their career development & career planning.

Importance of Career Centres

Career centre employees are trained to administer a variety of standardized tests that can help individuals uncover their interests, values, and personality type. The counsellors provide one-on-one career advice. They also provide information on the available job roles and the understanding of those job roles. Career counselling is also done within organizations to help revisit and understand the career path that an individual wants.

Career centres may also hold job fairs from time to time for the employers to hire and recruit potential candidates. They may also maintain collections of reference books periodicals, newspapers, and employment newsletters that contain information on occupational exploration, emerging occupations, and salaries, undergraduate and graduate schools, resume writing, interviewing, and more.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Career Centre along with its overview.

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