Career Stages

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What is Career Stages?

Career stages are the various phases which an employee or a business professional goes through. These career stages highlight the beginning of the job, growth in the organization, middle stages of the career and the last & decline stages of the career.


1. Exploration

2. Establishment

3. Mid-career

4. Late career

5. Decline

• EXPLORATION : A career stage that generally ends in the mid-twenties when one makes transition from formal education to job .We start exploring about different career opportunities. Our decision for career gets influenced by parents, peers and the financial resources. It is a time when a number of expectations about one’s career are developed, many of which are unrealistic.

• ESTABLISHMENT : this period begins when we start the search of work and also includes accepting the first job, acceptance by peers, learning about the job and gaining the first taste of success or failure in the real world.

Problems in exploration period

1. Finding a niche

2. Making your mark

3. Characterized by making mistakes.

• MID-CAREER : A stage marked by:-

o Continuous improvement in the performance

o Levelling off in the performance

o Beginning of deterioration process

Possible outcomes of mid- career

1. Some employees reach their early goals and go on to even greater heights.

2. Other may suffer from plateaued mid -career

• Late career stage : A career stage in which neither the person is learning about their jobs nor they are expected to outdo their level of performance from previous years. It also has two affects on:

o Individuals who have grown in mid career stage

o Individuals who have stagnated or deteriorated

• Decline (Late Stage) : This the final stage in one’s career which is usually marked by retirement. This is the difficult stage for everyone but hardest for those who have had continued successes in the earlier stages and then comes the time has come for retirement.

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