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Definition: Selection

Selection is defined as a process which differentiates between job applicants to filter and hire those who can achieve greater success in the job.

The Process

The Selection process includes filtering techniques (with each phase having a negative effect on the number of candidates) that ensure the selection of a suitable candidate qualified for the position. Selection differs from Recruitment on the basis of two things. One, recruitment is associated with identification of prospective employees for a job while selection is a process of hiring an employee out of the prospective employees for a job. Two, recruitment attracts as many candidates as possible while selection filters candidates to identify the best candidate for a job. KSA (Knowledge Skills Abilities) are the main requirements of a selection system.

a) Preliminary Interview: A preliminary round of interviews to eliminate unqualified applicants on the basis of information provided in the application forms

b) Technical and Aptitude Test: Eliminating candidates on the basis of test scores.

c) Employment Interview: While the preliminary interview is related to qualifications, the employment interview takes into account the overall skills of a person i.e. technical and behavioural skills. While technical skills help determine whether the person is fit for the job, behavioural skills help determine if the person can achieve the right cultural-fit with the organization.

d) Reference Checks: To verify the information provided by the candidates.

e) Decision making: Line managers are consulted to decide on the candidates to be finally selected out of the group of applicants.

f) Medical: To ensure that the candidate has no medical condition that can have a negative impact on his/her performance.

g) Final offer

Hence, this concludes the definition of Selection along with its overview.


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