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What is Selection?

Selection process in HR is the activity of testing, evaluating & hiring new employees. The selection process begins once interested candidates send their CVs & apply for a job. CV shortlisting, written tests, group discussions, interviews, job offer, medical test, appointment letter are all a part of the HR selection process.

Importance of Selection in HR

Whenever companies want to revitalize their workforce, fill for exiting employees or onboard talent with new skills, they have to initiate a recruitment process. Once job posting is done, a lot of candidates apply for the job profile. However, to hire one person from all applications, the company has to undertake a detailed HR selection process. This process is essential to test, evaluate & finalize that one candidate who will be an ideal employee & contribute with his or her skills effectively.

Selection Process


HR Selection Process

There are several stages which a company HR must conduct to ensure the right candidate is hired. The basic steps of selection are:

1. Screening applications- the first step involves screening all the applications received through various channels & removing any wrongly submitted CVs.

2. Shortlisting CVs- based on a candidate's education, work experience, skill sets etc, CVs of candidates are shortlisted for the subsequent selection process steps.

3. Written test- to test the technical knowledge & skills of shortlisted candidates, written tests are conducted.

4. Group discussions- in case there a large of candidates applying, a group discussion or GD becomes a step to evaluate the candidate's knowledge, language, confidence, participation etc.

5. Interview- after all the above steps, a few candidates are selected for a personal interview with the department heads. Interview sessions are detailed so that it helps the recruiter understand the candidate as much as possible. Generally, interviews are one-on-one face to face, but can also be done via phone, video conferencing etc.

6. Job offer- once a company selects a final candidate, they offer a job with salary, perks etc to the candidate.

7. Medical test- if the candidate accepts the job offer, a medical test is conducted to check the overall wellbeing & health of a candidate.

8. Appointment Letter- once all the above steps of selection process are satisfactorily completed, the candidate is appointed & is hired for the job profile.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Selection along with its overview.

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