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What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is an HR driven activity which focuses on getting new employees in the company. Recruitment involves reaching out to potential candidates, having their interview & giving them employment for a specific job role. It is a mechanism to continuously look at the company's workforce & replenish the team with skilled workers.

Importance of Recruitment

Every company seeks to have a strong workforce which enables them to reach their business goals. All departments like finance, sales, marketing, operations, HR etc perform a unique function which contribute to the business growth. Companies need to replenish, restaff or acquire new skilled workers. This is where recruitment plays a pivotal role.

Recruitment Process

Steps in Recruitment Process

Companies use a very scientific approach while onboarding new employees. The main steps in recruitment are:

1. Identifying need- companies need to identify the job profile they would want to hire for.

2. Finalize skills- the next step is to evaluate the skills required in the employee to fill that position.

3. Publicize job openings- to receive maximum applications, companies use various channels for candidates to apply.

4. Reviewing applications- as a part of recruitment it is important to narrow down the list of candidates based on their CV, work experience, skills etc.

5. Interview- the short listed candidates are interviewed for their knowledge, skills, behaviour & how they can contribute.

6. Onboarding- once a candidate is finalized, after negotiations on salary, perks etc, they are onboarded.

This recruitment process has to very well defined & every step has to carefully carried out to hire the best talent.


Recruitment Channels

The various places where companies can reach out to candidates to hire them are:

1. Company website

2. Employee referrals

3. Social media channels

4. Job consultants

5. Job boards

6. Career fairs

7. Direct contact

Companies at any point in time utilize all channels for recruitment so that they can attract maximum number of candidates.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Recruitment along with its overview.

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