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What is Selling Orientation?

It is an organization operating model in which the organization focuses on the needs required for selling in the market that is, an organization whose operating structure is based on the selling efficiency rather than customer needs and product orientation.

Sales oriented companies primarily use two types of promotion to communicate their message. They use advertising to make customer aware of their product and along with it they use personal selling to make customer take action and buy their product.

A sales orientation strategy focuses on selling and promotions of the product with the viewpoint of selling as much as possible of existing. This type of orientation works when customers are not expecting anything different in the product from the company, when demand of a particular product is very high or when company has large stock of inventory that they want to sell immediately.

Companies that use sales orientation approach put a higher premium on short term selling than on long term relations with their consumer base. They are so involved in selling that they miss the opportunity to improve their product or serve their customer in a better manner.

E.g. Pepsi & Coca Cola

These companies have been offering same products for a long period of time. Their strategy is to promote heavily using celebrity and be in the eyes of the customers to sell as much as possible. This strategy is sales oriented rather than customer oriented.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Selling Orientation along with its overview.

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